Happy Happy Birthday to me

birthday cake with candles
Source: Waldemar Brandt, Unsplash

Grateful for the day. God has again nevertheless been awesome. I look forward to another year of thanksgiving and all that He’s doing with, through, and for me. Will you celebrate the day with me?

Credit to Mr. Kleeg on YouTube
Credit to almeedus on YouTube

Cakes and ice cream or crab boils or sipping Earl Grey hot tea with cream and sugar with my favorite tea biscuits and shortbreads? I’m having it all without feeling guilty just because it’s my birthday.

It’s my birthday weekend. Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

Celebrate yourself always even when no-one is celebrating you. It a way of encouraging one’s self.

. . .

My Dad died in June, five years ago. My brother’s birthday is two days before mine in June; he died six weeks after our Dad. Since the two demises, the month of June has become a month of mixed emotions. However, this weekend I resolved not to allow my joy to be stolen, but to remain full this month and always. I love them both and I believe that they are at peace. The least I can do is to live to celebrate them not only in June, but always.


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