Worship: Highest form of Prayer

Credits: Unsplash.com/Rachel Coyne
Worship the King (God) in the beauty of His Holiness! 
(Psalm 28:2, 96:9, 1 Chronicles 16:29)

Worship: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary is
• 1 : to honor or show reverence for as a divine being or supernatural power
• 2 : to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion a celebrity worshipped by her fans

. . .

Praising God is different from Worshipping God; albeit, many folks think that they are one and the same. Many people confuse praising with worshipping. Worse yet is that even most churches’ “Praise and Worship” on their Sunday agenda omit the worship while elaborating praise with joyous jumping and clapping. This is far from worship. Praising God is different from Worshipping God.

“If you’re still jumping and shouting, you’re far from worshipping God.”

Dr. Myles Munroe

How do you worship God?

First and foremost, you worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24). If you’re one prone to fibs (or fibbing), you cannot connect with Him in spirit. Not that God will drive you away from His Presence, but because He’s a holy God, fibbers (or the real liars) cannot stand in His Presence. You’d have to confess, repent, and ask Him to cleanse and help you.

You worship God at His footstool (Psalms 99:5b, 132:7). This means you bow (sit, or kneel) as if God is right in front of you sitting on His Throne.

There’s a cultural saying that translates “you don’t greet or salute a king by standing or merely curtsying”. If you revere a human king, how much more should the reverence to the King of Glory, Creator of the universe be?

Also, think of the military. There’s a salute to and for the commander, right? Again, how much more to the Chief Commander of the universe?!

You worship God by adoring Him. Adoring in the sense that you call Him by all the names you know Him by or by which He has revealed Himself to you; e.g., majesty, sovereign God, Elihom, el Shaddai, el Elyon, Adonai, Jehovah Shalom (the God of Peace, Jehovah Nissi (the One who raises your banner), Jehovah Jirah (God the Provider), Jehovah Rapha (the Healer), Jehovah El Roi (the One who sees), etc.

. . .

Nicky Gumbel in his Bible in One Year Day 194, says “You become like what you worship. If we worship worthless idols, our lives become worthless. If we worship God, eventually we will become like him.”

At first, I was quick to challenge Gumbel’s statement, “heck no … noone can become like God!” But I was quickly reminded of Psalm 82:6 that says “… Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” I kept my peace.

. . .

I don’t know about you, if worshiping God makes me become like Him, I will worship 24/7. Nothing beats being God-on-earth to love everyone unconditionally, to bind and loose, to decree a thing and for it to be established, to shut or open a door and for it to remain shut or open, to walk into a place and for all the demons to tremble and flee, or people are in awe because one carries His presence, or to command rain to fall and stop it, and above all, to walk and move in His Glory!!!

People, what are we waiting for? Let’s worship the King of Glory in spirit and in truth.

You don’t have to wait to get to church to worship. In fact, the COVID-19 shutdown is a good reason and time to start something new with Father God, that is, if you haven’t already. I hope you will worship Him today before church and always.

Thanks for reading.


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