Loving Basketball: Stop Press – Game 5 boycotted to protest another senseless Police Shooting

After all the national unrest on Police brutality and systemic racism, it is disturbing that there was yet another shooting of a 29-year old African-American man.

As a result the planned Game 5 between Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic, scheduled for 4:00 p.m. ET today, was boycotted by the Bucks. They simply gathered in their locker room and wouldn’t come out to the courts.

The shooting is extremely disturbing. Proves that some law enforcement authorities are deadly adamant about continuing this heinous and hateful senseless shootings, and God forbid, killings of Blacks and minorities.

Jacob Blake, unarmed, was shot seven times in the back at close range. Sources say that he is in critical condition and might remain paralyzed as a result. Details are yet unknown about what led to the shooting.

Other NBA Teams followed Bucks’ boycott. As such no NBA games will be played today, Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

The Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics, who both had qualified for the 2nd Round Playoffs, had initially planned to boycott their first 2nd Round games too.

Media is wild at the moment with the news. Please check it out and add your voice to the senseless shootings – this needs to stop!

One bad egg should not pollute the whole crate


The Police, have gone apathetic and are killing the people they are paid to protect. No-one is safe people. It doesn’t have to be your family member to matter to you. We all need to speak up!

We do acknowledge that not all Police Officers are malevolent and that there are still good and great Police Officers, but the bad ones are polluting the good/great and causes the Police Departments across board to stink.

We should not allow the bad ones to remain in uniform.

More of the news here

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