Ease your financial stress by starting (or replenishing) an emergency fund

Life is full of unpredictable twists and turns. Whether you’re well off or just starting out, some of those twists and turns will be expensive. But …

Ease your financial stress by starting (or replenishing) an emergency fund

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COVID-19 sure took everyone by a rude surprise. Suddenly many found themselves or loved ones either being sick or died from the illness or lost their jobs. We sincerely empathize and sympathize with those who experienced either COVID-19, by illness or death, or had their jobs impacted as a result thereof.

With sudden illness, death or loss of job, comes uncertainties of the present and immediate future. With no job, and because many live paycheck-to-paycheck, financial stress seeps in. The question is

“how long can you last when an unexpected happens again?


It is not “if” another “emergency” will occur, the question is “when” it will. I hope you and I will be prepared when it does.

Some folks are uncomfortable talking about uncertainties or death. But, it is wise to let’s think about it, think through it, talk about it, and take appropriate action.

I like that the above article/blog gives us examples of what qualifies as an emergency. All of us will definitely have at least one of the three-listed emergency types.

So, take action today to “ease your financial stress by starting (or replenishing) an emergency fund.”

Cheers to your financial freedom!


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