It’s getting closer: 50 days from today

Election Day is 50 days away.

Trillion of things have been said; we’ve heard the Presidential debates and more, we are aware of the unrests and chaos that stemmed from the racial divide, and we can’t wait to run to the polls; or, since COVID-19 has restricted movements, we can’t wait to receive our ballot papers to fill and mail them back, right?!

I know, I feel the same way, too. The only difference though is that this 50-day-away “cooling” or waiting period is giving me some pensive moments. I am angst about the outcome for some weird, but understandable reasons. Weird in the sense that I have never ever being angst about Presidential elections. Why now?
Understandable in the sense that we know that these are critical times in the history of our nation, America. As such it is eagerly awaited and everything is being done to ensure that folks get out to vote. I hope you are ready.

. . .

I curiously checked to verify if I was registered to vote. Surprisingly, the Secretary of State’s website couldn’t find my information. I have been a registered voter since 1993 and have always voted. That my information could now not be found baffles me and makes me anxious. I have since changed address. So, I will give the benefit of doubt. I therefore re-registered to vote with my new address; and entered my old address to confirm that I was (should have been) previously registered. Why am I sharing this? So that you also can verify that you are indeed registered to vote. Don’t assume that just because you’ve always voted, the ballot papers (or Notification Card) will find their way to your address! Please check now or re-register to be certain. Because this election is unlike any other.

So, I re-registered and was skeptical when the process requested that, in order to complete the re-registration, I should authorize my driver’s license (DL) signature to be used to sign the form. Is there a connection between the two; that is, my driver’s license and re-registering to vote? I didn’t realize that there was until then. Anyways, I was to authorize with my DL signature or alternatively print and mail-in the form to re-register and re-registration is not complete until the signed form is received; which, with past experiences dealing with government and mails, will probably be after November 3rd! Why complicate things?

The thought of security also crossed my mind, but … I hope that all is safe!

It’s been ten days and I am still awaiting my Notification Card. Maybe, just maybe, ten days is too soon to expect anything from the government. Well, I just hope that I receive my Notification Card (and of course, the ballot forms) way before November 3rd.

. . .

What do you know about the Bills and Propositions on the November 3rd ballots?

As of September 14, 2020, 124 statewide ballot measures had been certified for the 2020 ballot in 34 states; of which 115 measures were put on the November 3 ballot.

According to Cal Matters, “… the list of propositions that California voters will be asked to weigh in on has been finalized.”

There are a total of twelve (12) propositions for California on the November 3rd ballot. Californians, please ensure that you’re aware of them all.

The propositions “address matters as vital and/or esoteric as rent control, property tax law, dialysis clinic staffing requirements, stem cell research funding and the preservation or final dispatch of cash bail in California. Lawmakers added four measures: two to expand voting rights, one that ends a 22-year-old ban on affirmative action, and one that is a tortuously complicated property tax measure that somehow ropes in Realtors, wildland firefighters and “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski.”

Do you know what bills, propositions, and/or measures that will be on the November 3rd ballot for your State?

Find out by clicking your State on the interactive link below. Select the Year 2020-2029 from the Table, then select the Year 2020. You might need to scroll down to read the detailed information.

Ballot Measures overview
US map.png

Be mindful that the propositions are backed by big pockets. Do not merely listen to their paid-ads and the actors/actresses being used, but research and critically think though every point and position.

Remember that whatever you do, do it totally with your heart knowing that you have read, watched, and studied, all that needs to be digested. That, above all, you have studied “to show thyself approved unto God …”
‭‭(2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15‬)

And that come November 3rd, you would have exercised your civic duty and your voice would have been heard.

What would you do come 50 days from today? I hope that you will remember to vote.

Peace people 😍

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