Loving Basketball: So LA Lakers are the NBA Western Champions!

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order, though reluctantly, for the Los Angeles Lakers. They were a 61:33
favorite to win today’s game and “an 80% implied probability to win the series” anyways against Denver Nuggets for the Western Conference Finals. So, no surprise that they did, right?

I wish that it was a good clean game though. What with Dwight Howard being unnecessarily aggressive throughout and shoving and jerking Nuggets’ players? Lakers’ players being unnecessarily physical? And the referees missing some foul calls?!

When any team starts shoving and jerking, aka playing physical, it demonstrates to me that that team is playing in a fear mode. I enjoy good clean game and don’t support unh necessary physicality.

I guess I let my bias get the better of me. I think the Nuggets played a better game, were indefatigable, and rugged till the end. They bounced back a few times, but the fouls got the better of them. And, no, they didn’t win the game on Thursday and lost today’s game. But remember there last two series against Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets where they won both from a 3:1 deficit!

. . .

Though Denver Nuggets lost, Lakers sure didn’t have an easy win.

For the record, Jamal Murray (JM) of Denver Nuggets played over 700 games this season compared to Lakers’ LeBron James’s (LBJ) 400+. So, we got to give lotta cheers to Murray and, of course, his teammates. Here’s hoping that they will advance further next season. But, watch out, the Golden State Warriors will be back with a bang! 2020-21 NBA Season will be very interesting to watch.

. . .

This will be the first time in a decade that the LA Lakers will win the Western Finals. The Lakers’ win also gives Anthony Davis (AD) his first NBA Conference Finals win, while Lebron James has made the Finals ten of his seventeen times. Being 35, LeBron would probably retire soon and I can understand his desire (or desperation) to win one last time. So, I do not begrudge him or the team for winning.

LA Lakers can rest a bit while awaiting the ongoing Eastern Finals result which has Miami Heat and Boston Celtics slugging it out, one more time, on Sunday. The series is currently 3:2 with Miami leading.

4 thoughts on “Loving Basketball: So LA Lakers are the NBA Western Champions!

  1. I agree that tribute to Mamba will be awesome. LBJ is desperate for a win too. Sounds like a great combo to fuel the team to win. Heat has actually surprised me. But I hope that game 1 will not replicate itself. We’ll see.
    Wishing both teams the very best!

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  2. It’s quite exciting to see the Heat playing in the Finals this season as they weren’t the best seed in the East at the start of the playoffs but I think the Lakers are also gonna give it their all to give tribute to Kobe. A part of me thinks that the Mamba deserves such tribute. So excited to see how this is gonna turn out.

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  3. The picture is called catchy 😍. I’m enthralled by a court filled with tall drinks of water. Ok😏, I also read the article, I promise 😉. Congratulations to LA Lakers and her fans. To LBJ, now you may retire, fulfilled that you won your last game(s). Chin up! Denver Nuggets, you played well. You were rugged and indefatigable till the end. I wish you all the best next season.

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