Election Results

Credits: Unsplash.com/ Tiffany Tertipes

Are you glued to your television as I am right now watching the release of America’s Election results? I’m so tensed. Truthfully, I don’t particularly support any Presidential candidate because I believe that none has the solution for the pandemic nor systemic issues plaguing America. I am however nervous that any which way it turns might stir supporters of either party to want to contest the result by protesting.

Lord God knows that America does not need any other chaos or unrest. We’ve had our share and I cannot wait for a turnaround; a fresh of “new” air.

I was at my brother’s watching and didn’t want to leave lest I miss some results, but home I had to go. At the time I left his place, Biden, the Democratic Party Presidential contender, had 205 electoral votes and Trump, the incumbent President, had only 132. By the time I got home, a 15 minutes drive, Trump had jumped to 165 and Biden was still at 205. I took a shower and results had snappily changed for Trump to 182 and Biden was still at 205! Made myself a nightcap (not what you think; just my hot chocolate ;)), I looked up and guess what, Biden now has 220 and Trump had jumped to 213. The winning candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. There are also a few technicalities that comes with determining the winner.

For example, there are “swing states, which have high voter volatility and demographic diversity, often making them too close to call.  to watch out for. While different states come into play in different election cycles, swing states for the 2020 election include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.”

I gave the above account to share how swiftly the results were changing. It’s so scary and still uncertain. A similitude of Hilary and Trump’s 2016 race where Hilary Clinton was the popular winner but did not clench the vote needed to declare her an overall winner.

Results will still be coming in as much as votes are still coming in. Mailing votes, especially those who mailed in their ballots today, November 3rd, will probably be received by Monday and will still need to be counted and tallied.

For now, Biden won California but the Presidential is still too close to call.

Praying for peace to reign irrespective of Presidential winner.

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