Intimacy and Mental Health

Who would have thought that there was (and still is) a connection between the two; mental health and intimacy. Well, if you have been wondering why you are “afraid” of connecting with anyone on a deeper level, or know someone who is, you might even be in a relationship with one who is afraid to be intimate. Stop for a moment and please run to Kwoted’s site.

Kwoted’s post on the topic, Mental Health Matters: Learning to be Intimate, will truly bless you. I was blessed by it.

Intimacy is:

  • the state of being intimate,
  • a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group …

Intimacy can be of a sexual form, but does not always have to. The key word is the closeness. We all share some form of closeness with one another. We can be intimate on a friendship level, family level, work level, spiritual level, etc. Technically, and you’ll find a link on Kwoted, there are four types of intimacy; emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

This is a broad topic and issue. The link to mental health is actually new to me, but I can see how relevant the connection is.

Without further ado, please rush to Kwoted to read the article. I hope it blesses you and you learn a thing or two as I did.


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