Strong Women of The Americas – North: I

Thank you for reading the Strong Women Series. I hope that you found it informative. It has been a learning process as I have enjoyed writing and researching about these incredible women across the continents.

So far, I have posted the Strong Women of The Bible in three-parts:

  2.; and

and the Strong Women of Africa.

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We continue today with the Strong Women of The Americas. For the benefit of those who don’t know, The North and South America make up the Americas. The North American Strong Women, particularly those of the arts and entertainment in the United States of America, are globally known but little or nothing might be known of the South American Strong Women. But together they do exist and have also scaled numerous hurdles to earn the badge.

The Strong Women of North America, have defied the odds and continue to do so, from arts and entertainment to heading various businesses, finance, and technology corporations, to include recently being voted as (and soon to be) Vice President. There’s absolutely no way that we could list every Strong Woman in this part of the continent. My hope is that those who are highlighted will represent all. The following are links to specific industry’s Strong Women. Please click on, and open, the link to appreciate each woman.

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It takes a real and stronger man to be in a relationship with a Strong Woman because he recognizes that his woman’s strength does not threaten his masculinity but only makes them both stronger; not weaker! In this context, I’m not writing about physical strength, but of a strong confident character. I therefore salute stronger men, in North America, like Bill Clinton (Hilary Clinton), Barak Obama (Michelle Obama) and Stedman Graham (Oprah Winfrey) and other men like them globally.

A woman is like a tea bag – only in hot water do you realize how strong she is.

Eleanor Roosevelt/Nancy Reagan

More Strong Women Quotes

I leave you with these beautiful quotes in honor of Strong Women worldwide:


It is not alone the fact that women have generally had to spend most of their strength in caring for others that has handicapped them in individual effort; but also that they have almost universally had to care wholly for themselves.

Anna Garlin

Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.

Thomas Carlyle

Sometimes, being strong is to forgive in the name of love, to make someone smile when our own heart is broken, to comfort a friend when we ourselves needed help and to keep faith when we have lost hope.

Brigitte Nicole

14 thoughts on “Strong Women of The Americas – North: I

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  2. I am a writer and if the truth hurts it is private for the person and general for the writer. The Gender Gap exist and woman are bnot treated equal because they let men treat them assecond class citizens, but I respect how you feel, but every woman don’t share your point of view as every woman don’t share my point of view, but a woman’s writing group offered to purchase this piece from me!


  3. Van Prince,
    I was merely going to ignore this comment but decided to respond. 1. Did you ever ponder why the lady de-followed you? 2. There are some things, for decency and character-sake, that are best left solely for private conversations. 3. Women, like their male counterparts, have been noted globally, historically, and even presently for good as well as bad deeds. As human beings, it is no wonder that one or the other will do the deeds. The question for us all is “what do you want to be known and remembered for?”
    I disapprove your comment and will prefer not to engage further with you on this particular instance. Thank you.


  4. Women in a nutshell:

    Woman is the Mother of Mankind
    Woman is the Moral Fiber of Cilivilization
    Woman is man’s first teacher
    Woman is smarter than man
    Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman
    Woman you meet 1-man-out-of-100-with-99-hanging-in-the-balance

    By: Van Prince

    *A jewel from my soon to be published book, “The Gender Gap”*

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