Recipe: Lobster Bisque

** Sharing my daughter’s recipe for her Lobster Bisque which she made and was nice to bring us some. Forgot to take a picture of the whole pot but paused, from enjoying it, to snap the below photo real quick 😍**


Lobster (2-4 pieces). Fresh thyme. Shrimps (1/2 – 1 lb). Celery. Onion, white (1 medium). Garlic. Shallot

Bay leave. Salt. Olive Oil. Tomato paste. Rice (1 cup). Heavy cream

Cooking Instructions

– salt water with regular salt and garlic salt, taste it (to ensure desired saltiness)
⁃ boil thyme, celery, onion, carrot, chopped garlic clove, chopped shallot, bay leaf
⁃ boil lobsters in water for 5 mins, take them out
⁃ add the lobster shells back in, shrimp shells too if you have them; this is the seafood stock
⁃ let that all simmer down for 30 mins
⁃ strain and cool
⁃ add a few tablespoons of olive oil back into the pot
⁃ add 1/4-1/2 of sliced white onion, 6-8 smashed garlic cloves, and tomato paste to the hot oil, stir it all up
⁃ add the stock back in, let it simmer for 20 mins
⁃ add 1 cup rice , boil for another 30, check flavor, add salt as needed
⁃ take lobster meat outta the fridge add 1/4 to broth
⁃ remove bay leaf
⁃ use blender to blend everything together
⁃ see if you need to blend it again. if nawt, add heavy cream to taste.

Enjoy as an entree with succulent warm bread rolls or a la carte.

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