Catfish and Nigerians

Nigerians love to eat freshwater catfishes but this post is however not about that. Today’s post is about a Dr. Phil’s Show, on the title, that I was opportune to watch about three weeks ago.


Catfish, as shown above, is a false identity used on the internet to swindle unsuspecting gullible people.

Dr Phil’s Shows

I was glad but simultaneously infuriated to have watched the above episode, which is a tri-part, of Dr. Phil’s TV Show! Not one to sit endlessly to watch TV, this one caught my attention while the TV was rolling at home. I increased the volune and was engrossed with it.

I missed the second and third episodes (links above) and had been looking for the full shows since. I finally found them and wish to share with you and hear your thoughts on them. Please watch the shows and share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

. . .

I am glad that folks like #DrPhil use their platforms for good; investigating and helping the helpless. Anna, the woman involved, in the catfish is elderly and I am baffled that anyone would indulge in defrauding her or anyone for that matter. It shows the greed, callousness, and desperation of the perpetrator(s). How can such person sleep at night? How can their hearts not convict them while spending the ill-gotten money? In this instance, the man, “Sammie Lee Strong,” is supposedly married with children, and I believe lives in Lebanon! Yet he defrauds an elderly woman to feed himself and family! Call me naive, but that’s a heart that’s cold and seared!

Credits: / (C) ThinkTalk

Check God’s Word above on this. I sincerely hope that Dr. Phil’s investigation involves turning the alleged “Sammie Lee Strong” to the FBI and CIA and demanding that he returns all monies collected. The guy stated that he works for #Chevron and #Shell! Really, right?! Don’t they pay him enough? Well, I hope those corporations read this and watch the videos too.

A Case for Nigeria/Nigerians

Nigerians have gotten a bad rap globally; while some were warranted, several are totally unfounded. The bad raps have also gone unchallenged by the Nigerian government showing a government that is hardly interested in the wellbeing of its citizens. (a post for another day …)

Nigerians, like their global citizens, are imperfect and live in an imperfect world. But Nigerians are intellectuals as well as industrious beings. Unfortunately, like some nations, Nigeria has suffered brain drain; some of its citizens have left their motherland for supposedly greener pastures and would work any job in a foreign land to survive rather than tolerate the corruption and lackadaisical attitudes of its government. Some Nigerians at home often rebut the statement by countering that “they are fine at home and nothing has happened to them yet.” Well … That will be a conversation/post for another day too. But not all Nigerians abroad work menial jobs. Those who do, do so temporarily and as a matter of convenience. By the same token, Nigerian professionals and entrepreneurs abound globally.

Anyhow … a Nigerian can be found in almost every nook and cranny of the world and every global profession can boast of having at least one Nigerian! This might not be unconnected with the country being the most populous nation in Africa. Above all, Nigerians are hardworking!

A few good Nigerian men and women globally

Nigerians globally have excelled in various industries. Lately, the Afrobeats is topping the American pop charts with artists like Davido, Whiz Kid, Burma Boy, Tiwa Savage, Jidenna, Teni, to name a few. To list every notable Nigerian globally will be almost impossible. But I mentioned this to reiterate that there are notable and notorious human beings worldwide and they transcend both culture and race; Nigeria and Nigerians inclusive. My appeal is that

“a few rotten citizens anywhere should not mess it up for the rest of the citizens everywhere”

(C) ThinkTalk

Nigeria/Nigerians should not be an exception such that other governments focus on the bad and notorious but none cares to acknowledge the good and great ones. If the Nigerian government won’t defend or care about its citizens, let the citizens start speaking up and out for themselves.

“ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

John F. Kennedy


Dr. Phil’s catfish episode involving “Sammie Lee Strong” is a pointer to everyone that unscrupulous individuals are taking unnecessary advantage of the bad report/image that Nigerians have been given or are noted for on the global scene. Everyone should beware and be forewarned.

Now we know that every crime / criminal case tagged Nigerians are really not committed by Nigerians. This is however not to minimize the real criminal cases committed by Nigerians. I still stand to state that Nigerians are not the worst criminals everywhere. I am not justifying crime. God forbid! I am justifying the fact that the scale has been tilted unfavorably and unjustifiably against Nigerians when it comes to crimes and criminal activities.

My two cents. Thanks for reading.


Click to access Appendix-D_0.pdf

Click to access International_Statistics_on_Crime_and_Justice.pdf

What the data says (and doesn’t say) about crime in the United States

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