I want it all this New Year

It’s a New Year
It’s a new me

I want a new house
should I build or buy;

And a new car
lease for 3 or buy for 5;

And a new wardrobe
cashed or charged;

A new me from head to toe
at whatever cost possible

I want it all
All new in the New Year.

* * *

This New Year. I wanna be trim, fit, and healthy
Off to the gym I go

But wait a minute
Covid won’t let me

Maybe I’ll get on the street
or the park
And walk or jog
or jump rope
It will achieve the same result.

* * *

I want a boat and a yacht
this New Year
So I can rob shoulders
with the Jones and the Jacksons
down the alley;

But wait
how do I get it all
this New Year 2021;

I better sit still
and count the cost
If I have enough
to cover all my wants (Luke 14:28-30)
This New Year.

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