House votes to impeach President Trump

Most are unsurprised by the above topic. With exactly only a week left of President Donald Trump, he has again been impeached.

I am torn between both sides; that is, those in favor to impeach and those against. On one hand, to have watched (or lived to witness) the mob’s attack on the Capitol was not only disturbingly disappointing on democracy, but also on the security and intelligence of the United States of America 🇺🇸. As such, a message ought to be sent that such incitement was not to be tolerated. However, on the other hand, (as I watched the proceedings) hearing the members of the House’s statement before voting, I tend to sway towards witch-hunting the President which had started as early as when he became President and had continued throughout. As such, I might be tempted to say to DemocraticParty to “drop it!”

Notwithstanding, there’s a Yoruba (Nigerian) proverb that states:

You just speedy up the roasting process! Think about it. Someone (merely, figuratively-speaking-human-being) who is being hunted to be roasted should not be messing with gasoline that will help burn him /her up faster!

That’s the case of Mr. Donald Trump!

Anyways, the deeds on both sides have been done. We now await the aftermaths.

What are your thoughts on this impeachment? Feel free to comment. Thanks.

God help America 🇺🇸 !

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