Social Networking and Apps

How many social networking apps (SNA) are you familiar with?

An article popped up on my phone, the other day, that caught my attention. I was surprised to learn about a new “anti-Facebook social networking app” called MeWe. MeWe is presently #10 on the SNA ranking.

I am not a techie nor social networker in the real sense so I was surprised to have received it. I’m satisfied with whatever app I presently use and not one to scout around for the new and trending app. The few social networking apps that I am familiar with were required during grad school; else, I would not have known about them let alone use them. I deleted my Facebook account, which I opened in 2013, over a year ago for various reasons. I barely use it. I do have Twitter accounts that I also barely use. That gives you an idea of my love (or abhorrence) of social networking apps and use.

However, blogging is changing my aversion, but I still use the SNAs cautiously.

For the article to have popped up on my phone surprised me. It could have been part of a marketing strategy of sorts. Well, I think the strategy worked because it got my response, picked my curious mind to click on it, which in turn led me to research and write this blog.

I was shocked to find out about WeMe and the numerous SNAs (over 200!) that are presently available. They ranged from dating, social networking, to blogging and more. There are also apps for kids! Parents should know these apps too just in case kids have any on their phones.

I was familiar with probably less than a tenth of the Apps on the list. Click on the following links (or copy-and-paste into your browser) to read about the current SNAs.

How many do you use or are familiar with?

Thanks for reading.

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