Insatiable Hunger

This was my very first blog posted with the title “We Yearn and Thirst for …”. I repost it today with minor edits. Thanks for reading

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Everyone is searching for something yet not all know what it is that they are searching for. Few believe that they know what they want and are looking for, but do you?

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We work round-the-clock searching for more money. We are glad when a raise is given; we earned it, right, and muse that “the boss finally recognizes all of my efforts.” But, a year later, we’re asking for another raise and more money. Whoever said that one never has enough money did not lie. More money is only an example. The search could be for power, success, love, food, friendship, more degrees than the thermometer (credit to Bishop T.D. Jakes!), cars, shoes, etc. I am not advocating idleness. I’m just stating that no-one ought to work like a dog before making enough to sustain self and family.

Many folks work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. There might be other reason(s) why some folks have to work more than one job: for example, having a side hustle, working a business in order to quit a 9-to-5 job or a hobby. These are normal occurrences. The ones I’m referring to are the “I-don’t-have-a-choice-than-to-do-these-two-jobs” type. A two-job earner barely rests because s/he moves from one job to the next and repeats the cycle the every day. As a result, attention span and cognition diminishes. The lack of rest also causes stress and one is easily agitated. Above all, one who lacks rest will not work at their maximum capacity.

Higher is calling

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There is a higher calling us all yet we all do not pause to ask “Who?” or “Why?” or “Where?” We are just too busy! It is a fast-paced world. Otherwise, one will be left behind. But no, it is not. It is just a fast-paced world in our part of the continents, America. Because the last time, I checked, Italy takes summer breaks for a whole month. Europeans are known to take national naps and their women are given six-months’ maternity leave with pay. Africans enjoy their rests, too, justifying that “I can’t kill myself!” Even the Creator of the Universe rested. Why not you and I? One thing I know for sure (credit to Oprah) is that the Creator of the Universe has a way of keeping one still. I ask the one who cannot take a break, and God forbid this: “what happens when you’re involved in an accident and become bedridden for weeks?” Or the inevitable stroke and/or paralysis occur? Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to paint this ugly picture for one to get it.

Why allow the taskmaster to drive you endlessly?!

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Is California really different?

Visitors to California echo that it is a highly-paced State; that the culture is different from other States. The visitors wonder why we are too time-conscious and cannot relax for a second. I have not lived in other states to experience the difference but I’m curious to find out. Please share your experiences in the comments below if you agree that California (and probably, New York) is highly fast-paced compared to other American States.

There’s always a silver lining

The one good thing that COVID-19 has done for us all is to take a critical look at ourselves; our businesses, and to put our lives into a perspective. We all have been forced to sit still. If we could sit still and survive the last year, we can accept this new norm going forward.

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Rest is essential

Rest is essential to the body and, in resting, we can be calm and pay attention to each other, our neighbors, our environments, and our nation. We can communicate (as in listening) and value one another more. But most importantly, in rest, you meditate, communicate with your inner self, and a higher being. You are calmer, peaceful, and notice a lot of things and details that others would miss.

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While writing this blog, I stumbled upon a new word “sehnsucht,” which sums up the kind of yearning that this blog is about. 

I propose to you that whenever there’s an insatiable hunger (or thirst) for something, there’s always an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Often, that issue is internal, deeper, and the solution can only be found in drawing nearer to the Creator for He’s the only One who can satisfy. The next time you yearn for more, take time to sit still and ask the Creator for help, to speak to you, and reveal to you what your void is.

Thanks for reading.

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