Monday Financial Nuggets: Why You Need Money to Live a Full Life

The problem for my poor dad was that his attitude towards money kept him poor.
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Sharing Robert Kiyosaki’s blog on “Why you need Money.”

. . .

I need money to live the abundant life. I hope you do too. Being wealthy is good, except of course, you’ve dedicated your life otherwise. To this, I normally say “if you don’t need the money, it’s okay for you to make it and give it to those who need it; be a philanthropist.” I hope you agree.

Money of itself is not evil. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Instances of roots of evil include when a person kills another or sidesteps others in contracts/deals, when spouses murder for insurance or hide assets from each other, when businesses arbitrarily raise prices (I can see some saying that that’s “profit” but profiteering is greed in my opinion), etc. The list is endless. I’m sure you can add to the list, too.

Kiyosaki’s foundational education focused on comparing his friend’s Dad (Rich Dad) to his biological Dad (Poor Dad) and concluding that our attitude (a blog for another day), with and towards money, makes all the difference. In one of his trainings, I remembered him saying that even though he’s wealthy, he has no problem buying a Porche but that when it comes to groceries, he has a hard time buying a higher-priced bottled water, he compares, wasting time before picking a cheaper one! I must confess that I do this too but I hope that I don’t waste as much time as he does. 😊

Anyhow, having money not only to do, pay, and buy the comforts of life, but also being able to help others especially those who can’t repay you, is the greatest benefit of being wealthy. Other benefits include:

  1. Donating to worthy causes
  1. Ensuring that your family is well taken care of during and after your lifetime
  1. Helping to build private infrastructures, such as schools, transportation, communication, hospitals, to name a few, that will help more people
  1. Vacationing to various places which is educative, and
  1. Random acts of kindness.

. . .

Is’t possible to financially help everyone? I guess not, but each one touching (helping) one will go a long way.

I pray that money will answer to you and that you will send it on divine errands; that is a tool to take care of your lifestyle and others.

Be blessed.


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