It’s been a year – how time flies

The aphorism that time really flies when one is having fun sums up my blog year with WordPress.
It’s my first blogiversary people and I thank you all, the community, for it. It’s been rewarding doing blog life with you all, my followers, commenters, and likers. Thank you 🙏🏾 Couldn’t have done it without your support. For I recognize that though we write, if none (or all) reads, but none comment or like or share, it is nothing.

It can be frustrating and might cause one to give up. So I appreciate you for flying with me. In the words of the pilots “we know you have options, but we thank you for choosing to fly with us.” I thank you for rolling and flying with me.

My WP Stats

Per the numbers, I had a total of 4,080 (2149 in 2020 + 1931 for 2021) views, 2,485 visitors, 330 followers, and published 233 posts.

I wonder what the difference is between visitors and views. I would consider that one visited in order to view my post and that the numbers should be the same. You can’t view the post without visiting, right? Or is’t possible? Let me know in the comments. I’ll continue to pay attention to those numbers to see if they finally converge.

In 2020, my blog was viewed (and probably read) from 56 countries, out of a total of 196 in the world, with the top five being USA, India, Nigeria, UK, and Philippines. Compared to 2021, the countries went up by 1 to 57 and my top three countries remained constant. However, Philippines was out from the top five and UK dropped to fifth. New top country became Germany at #4! Interesting. Again, if I was in Business, I’d want to know what and why.

233 Posts

There are 365 or 366 days in a year or leap year. Excluding weekends (2 days each for 52 weeks for a total of 104), we are left with 261 days. This lets me know that I blogged less daily for the year. Put another way, I took an extra 2.3 days per month off! Let’s just say that was my vacation. But seriously, I would reconsider those extra days off if this was my business.

As you can see, both from the overall Stats and breakdown of the months, my stats are personally commendable and relative given my input. But equally commendable is the realization that I would meet, and exceed, stats for 2020 (which was only nine months), before the end of the second quarter of 2021. Hoping to continue with similar or on an accelerated pace.

I thank WordPress for including the Stats. I don’t dwell on it, but as a former Financial Analyst, it became significant finally looking at them yesterday. I write mainly because I love to share my knowledge, experiences, and even failures in the hope that it will help, inspire, and possibly steer someone somewhere. The Stats are meaningful especially for those blogging as a Business. Others could benefit from it for other relative purposes.

Does the Stat matter? Yes and No. Yes, because it demonstrates that I am active and growing. No if I’m not interested in the stats nor in converting the information to other purposeful, tangible and/for profitable form(s). Comparing for statistical purposes, I am not where most bloggers are. My Best One-Day Total View of 112 is some bloggers’ singular post view for the day! I have seen younger bloggers (in terms of when they started blogging and not birth age) with much more followers and stats. And likewise seen older-terms with lesser stats. Business world does those comparisons. For now, regarding my blogging structure, I’m in-between and trying to decide which way forward. Time will tell.


I seize the post to do a couple plug.

The first is to the real blog warriors. Shout out to all the blog warriors out there who consistently blog despite no views, visitors, likes, comments, or shares. And it is not for lack of qualitative content but can sometimes be linked to some back-end analytics. Don’t give up. Keep blogging because it shows your passion, and I pray that you will sooner be recognized for your relentless pursuit.

The other plug is, if you love the analysis of my Stats, I’d love to do it for free for the first ten bloggers that show interest. I love analysis (not paralysis) and would love to give you an objective view of what your numbers (WP Stat) are saying.

Thanks again for the first year. To everyone responsible, ☕️🧋🫖🥂 🍻 Love you. ❤️💕💙

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