The Mystery is Over

I self-award myself The Mystery Blogger Award as I have blogged anonymously over the year. During the period, I have been asked “what’s your name?” to which I had (I hope, politely) requested to simply be addressed as “ThinkTalk.” I also use Thinker-Talker as my name on most sites. But I did consider revealing a bit of my identity on my Blogiversary when I commented on one post some weeks ago. I’m now unsure whose post it was.

ThinkTalk is the blog of a real, genuine, authentic, but frank daughter of God, called Funmi (long name is “OluwaFunmiLayo”which means God gives me joy. ThinkTalk is a space for all that I represent and would like to see in people and the world, including outlet to share lessons learned over my years on planet earth. I am passionate about some things, love Jesus The Christ, and wonder why there is evil, wickedness, and hate in the world. It’s unnecessary and still believe that there is always an opportunity for light to shine amidst the dark and gloomy.

The original name the site started with was FunmiTalks. Though I liked it, I wanted more focus on the Think-ing than Talk-ing and preferred not to link my name to it. I still prefer the anonymity.

I’m based in the American continent; West Coast of the United States of America. Originally from the oldest continent (let’s see if you know your history or geography) (smile).

I love my privacy, I’m private and an introvert, but the extrovert part of me rears its head occasionally. I concluded that I must be an extroverted-introvert. I sometimes wonder if I need to petition Myers-Briggs because it’s always scoring me as an INTJ; only once did I get an INTP. Well maybe the personality type was true for a while. With maturity and life experiences, I wonder if I have radically changed. Will have to retake the test to find out.

I believe that greater difference would be made in the world if people paused to ponder (think) before talking or acting. Words can hurt, words do hurt, and hurtful words are more damaging than physical wounds. Hence, the site ThinkTalk and its tag “Let’s reason together.” I believe that it’s totally alright for people to disagree, but much better to reason together from the center of our agreement. And that if we take time to reason together, we might be able to understand each other better.

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