Of Poverty and Of Riches

Poverty is not only of economics
It is more than your finances

Poverty is a mindset
It is how you see yourself
How you think
It is how you do all the things you do

One can be spiritually lacking
Not having any higher guiding you

Which is different from, and the opposite of, the beatitudes’ “poor in spirit.”

One can be relationally poor
As in having no social connections with anybody

One can be mentally poor
As in thinking below one’s creative being capacity
Or as in always thinking negatively

One can also be educationally poor
As in not being able to relate to self-training or development or constructing self-imposed ceilings over one’s learning abilities and capacities.

One can attend school or college
And yet still be educationally poor
As if the school/college did not pass-thru the person

One can also be emotionally poor
As in emotionless, having low or no emotional intelligence, or
As in inability to connect with one’s environment and others’ emotions.

Still one can be physically poor
As in being of sedentary lifestyle, lacking physical activities for fear of breaking a limb.

We can be spiritually, relationally, mentally, educationally, emotionally, physically, and of course, financially Rich.

Both again, I say, are mindsets.

Better to have the holistic mindset
Than be narrow-minded.

A lack in one area
Is as one’s life is on a
One-legged walk thru life.

Which area of your life
Needs to be reviewed or elevated
To higher levels
So that all will be in alignment.
Bring it up higher
I AM is calling you higher
In those areas.

Will you accept the call
To be holistic
And bring higher all areas of your life?

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