How do you Feed your Skin?

Most of us feed our body a lot of junks out of ignorance or just plain bad habits and choices. What we feed the body reflects externally on our skin. Some skin types, where age or use of beauty products are not a factor, are soft and glowing while others are dry, frail, and flaky. Unbeknownst to us, what we consume might be the reason and it violates our other personal daily hygiene routines.

Here’s a short quiz, from WebMD, to help answer a few questions about what you’re feeding your skin. The WebMD site has ample medical and lifestyle resources, including answers to questions that you might forget to ask your physician. I learned couple of things from the quiz and I hope you do too. Click here for the quiz (8 questions); don’t forget to read the comments after your selection for more insight, and click the [Next] button to jump to the next question.

  • Do you know the outcome of eating too much sugar, besides getting type 2 diabetes?
  • We’ve all heard that our bodies need 8 – 10 cups of water daily, right? But will drinking a lot of water keep your skin healthy?
  • How about eating chocolate or nuts results in skin breakouts, especially for ladies before their monthly guest. But do you know what else is capable of triggering an acne breakout? You’d be surprised to find out.
  • Does being a vegetarian or vegan make your skin better-looking? What can you eat to make your skin less oily?

The above and more are what the Quiz addresses.

As we mature in life, as a result of the number of our years on earth, our lifestyle choices change either as an intentional choice or a wake-up call. One of my intentional choices is veering away from oily foods and especially fried chicken 😊. I don’t know about you, but black folks everywhere love fried everything especially chicken and fish. I used to as well, but now choose to grill or broil more instead of frying. It is an intentional act. As much as I love to make my own salad, it often goes to waste after a couple of days, and I don’t believe in buying fresh salad from a restaurant every day – one could easily spend $75 – $100 per week just for it. But I substitute with other vegetables; carrots, broccoli, asparagus are my favorites. Some weeks I’m not sure if I fed my skin enough nutrients. But, with other lifestyle choices such as exercising, mental, and spiritual development, we can feel rejuvenated and have the soft and glowing skin.

What choices are you making to feed your skin better?


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