Loving Basketball: Woohoo All 30 Teams Playing Today!

It’s a day of basketball starting now. All 30 Teams playing today – 15 games!!! It’s Pre-Play-In which starts on Tuesday. Some teams (6 from the Eastern Conference and 5 from the Western) have clinched a Playoff seed, but a few teams need to win the game today and the Play-In to qualify for Playoff.

If you’re in the U.S., check your television local and sports channels for correct times. You can also subscribe to the NBA Station for individual games or all games. Happy viewing.

Praying for all Teams.


10 thoughts on “Loving Basketball: Woohoo All 30 Teams Playing Today!

  1. Unfortunately, my Lakers is out of the picture this year but I have to honestly say that Phoenix Suns are looking incredible! Chris Paul is looking like the “vintage” Chris Paul!


  2. Please do my dear. 😊 A BIG hello from me to her for such a wonderful job she’s done in you. I have a daughter who likes to take credit for everything her sister does when it comes to household chores. I can tell you’re not like her🤪. Love your humor too.


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