Of In-Laws and Out-Laws

In-laws and Out-laws
Every where and no where
Where did they come from
And why are they so named?

Is’t all about benefits?
One thinking
You brought more
While the other
Supposed you’re taking benefits away.

Whose benefits anyways?

Didn’t God say
He or she
Would leave you some day.
That some day is now.

But In-laws and Out-laws
Suppose they’re never
Coming back again

Why make my life miserable
Just because I married
Your son or daughter

Can’t I just be?
Can’t I just be?
Can’t I just be?

The In-laws are good
Some are great
The best are those
Who welcome you
With open hands
And open house
They know
They’ve enlarged their family
With your addition
You are the daughter they never had
Or the other son they always wished for.

Their son or daughter’s happiness and peace
Is theirs also
No bother
Just mothering
And fathering
Just totally loving
They love their son
Or daughter
And have no choice
But to love you
Cos it’s one big happy family.

Out-laws. Out-laws. Out-laws. Must be so called for a reason
They never want you in
They don’t care. They compete with you for that son or daughter’s attention
They forgot
You also came from
Somewhere, someone, and some family
But care not they.

You wonder why

The Out-laws think
You’ve come to steal their precious son or daughter
They banish you from everything familial
And strip you of all spousal benefits
As they vehemently guard against your happiness
Thinking you’ll leave soon
Little did they know
You’ve come to stay.

In-Laws and Out-Laws
Please love your daughters-in-law And sons-in-law
Like you love your
Very own Son or daughter
Hate your daughters-in-law And sons-in-law
And you’re
Hating your very own son or daughter.

Do remember Your son or daughter will join another family too.

I know

You all have a mutual connection
Whom you all love
If we all love
Life and marriage
Would be great

I love you anyways
You’re my second mother
And father
And sister
And brother
And family

We’re all
One big happy family
If we leave
The Law out if it.
The Law is the problem
But we can overcome it,

Let’s all be
In-laws, not Out-Laws.

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