Monday Notes: Being a Woman: Facts and Receipts

Being a woman feels like being everything and nothing all at once. It feels like being the gender who bears children, but not being the …

Monday Notes: Being a Woman: Facts and Receipts

Sharing #K.E. Garland’s post published in March. Please check out her site for other awesome posts.

Just came across this post, Being A Woman: Facts And Receipts, by Kathy, my Internet Sista. Though it’s not Sharing Thursday, the post is an everyday post worth reading and worth making an exception.

There’s still a lot to be said and done regarding what it feels like being a Woman.

There are cultures that would ignore blogs such as this with a flip of the finger that “it’s just another feminist talk or movement.” But, if those folks were born of women (alleluia we all are!), sounds to me that they’re unconsciously flipping their mothers and sisters off. Ouch did I just write or typed that, but who would want to do that? Sorry, my phone made me do it. This is serious though. Better and re-educating needs to be done by these cultures and the folks allowing the absurd treatment and relegation of women.

Come to think of it, if there are two genders and one is being relegated and/or silenced, which of the genders is responsible? I’m just thinking out loud.

Please read and contribute your voice(s) to the betterment of women everywhere. As Kathy stated, “we have work to do.” Oh, yes, we do. Let the work begin now. Thank goodness we are not where we used to be, but we are still not where we ought to be regarding equality and women.


6 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Being a Woman: Facts and Receipts

  1. Well stated, Jas Krish. However, it is the women’s rights being questioned (or rather, shut down or silenced) and the powers that wants to treat them as lesser of a human being that are the roots of the inequality.
    Thanks for stopping by and offering your comments. Appreciate it. 😎

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  2. I agree with your thoughts…gender inequality is a reality across the globe…even in the so called modern and educated societies ….Yes men are responsible but so are some women who accept things without questioning…consider themselves the weaker gender…
    What women should look for is not equality but the right to being themselves…right to think..right to decide… right to progress…
    Stay blessed and safe. 🙏🌹🙏

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  3. *Being A Woman*

    Woman is the Mother of Mankind
    Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization
    Woman is Man’s First Teacher
    Woman is Smarter than Man
    Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman
    Woman you meet one Man out of 100 with 99 hanging in the balance

    By: Van Prince

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