Happy Birthday to Me!: An Ode

Twenty-one years ago
Some beautiful creations met
And decided to

What a wonder it was

Dem two procreated
An equal wonder of a beauty
Dem two were beautiful
Inside and out
And the third
Built on their foundation

And we continue
To cycle it back

Cos the third
Procreated even more beauties. who will make the third’s ceiling their foundations

And so it is
When two becomes one

I am a wonder
I am beautiful
I am loving
I am. I am. I am
All that the REAL I AM
created me to be.

Living life
one day at a time
Effacing the unhappy moments
The temporary stumbling blocks
Moment by moment

Happy Birthday to me 🎂🍰

Gurl, you’ve come a long way
But still more to go
Diamond in the ruff
Stamped with Father’s Seal
Not in a hurry
Cos Abba is working it all out
For my good

Happy Happy Birthday
To the mystery in Christ Jesus
Who is me

Celebrate with me if you please
I got Susie Cakes
You bring the candles
And your bottle of water
Or cuppa tea or coffee
It will be the bestest party ever

Cos I’m just happy today
And nothing can take that away

Glad I woke up with a smile
Happy the sun is out
And la playa is just a throw away
I can choose what I want
I am Queen for the day.

Happy Birthday to me. Said it with a prayer 🙏🏾 I hope you will too.

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