Have I Spammed Your Blog Site? This is Why?

I learned yesterday that I had being “Spamming” other bloggers’ sites (obs). I read Olivia Lucie Blake’s post, “How to support other bloggers,” and it disheartened me to realize that I might have spammed her and others unintentionally.

If I have visited your site either as a follower or randomly via Readers’ Discover or Following, and have “spammed” you, please forgive me.

The blog stated, among other things, that one spams to seek attention. Here’s my comment on the site:

“I love your posts, Olivia, though I don’t stop by daily as much as I’d like. Your posts are informative. This post is both good and interesting. I do what you’ve tagged as “Spam” not because I want or need the attention but because I’ve been away and missed the site/owner. I will usually stay on sites and posts I like when I have ample time in a bid to make up for the lost days so to speak. Loving all missed posts and liking other peoples’ comments (opc) on another’s site, from your post, connotes Spam. Though it’s now made me realize that others don’t see that (my actions) the way I do. It takes the fun and appreciation of others contributions away. There were opc I resisted liking as a result. Please let me know if I misunderstood. 😍”

I hope that the comment speaks for itself.

I love blogging and loving on other bloggers as much as I possibly can when time permits. The chief among those whom I have “spammed” is Banter Republic. He has been a sport not complaining either he realizes it’s clean support or he’s simply being a gentleman.

I was also on Kwoted on Friday and spent ample time reading, liking, and commenting on posts and opc. Kathy good-heartedly responded to all my comments.

I have also being “spammed” a few times and have never taken it negatively. I also have someone with the same photo but different site names visited my site several times. Though I checked the sites out, I hardly dwell on their actions or intentions.

I’m sure that we all agree that supporting one another is essential and motivating. Liking and commenting on other bloggers’ sites (obs) and opc is my way of such support. If I have visited your site and or commented on your comment on obs, and you object to it, please feel free to let me know. It was done with clean heart and totally in love. One person’s meat is another’s poison so I do understand now that not everyone welcomes it. But how am I to know since there are no rules or laws governing such, short of acting decently and ethically.

True that the actions of a few have necessitated grouping all together, it’s still nice to give each other some benefits of doubt.

I am content with who I am and where my blog is presently. I’m presently blogging primarily to share, having fun at it, and definitely not an attention seeker.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know and I’ll resist the urge to comment on opc or several posts at once on obs going forward.

Love and Peace


5 thoughts on “Have I Spammed Your Blog Site? This is Why?

  1. Thanks for visiting, reading, and sharing the kink. I read it and don’t suppose that I have broken any rules.
    I also visited your site and look forward to returning to read more. Byw, I couldn’t like any of the posts. Could be one of those days. Hopefully, next time will be better. 😎

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  2. Initially, I too had some reservations while commenting. It’s been a month I started writing posts. One of the courses recommended by WordPress is “Blogging: Commenting Basics”. It’s a 5-day course. Everyday, they will assign a task and we should try to do it. I attended and found it useful. This is the link: https://wordpress.com/dailypost/blogging-university/commenting-basics-materials/#day5. If you are interested, please check at your free time!

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  3. Good to know, Jas krish. Thanks for your input. I’m aware most within the community do it but …

    That I read the post, and I’m now aware, makes me conscious that not everyone welcomes what I do. Puts a damper on “freedom of speech” on blogs and comments as far as I’m concerned. I appreciate your visit, reading, and comments. 🙏🏾

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  4. Well, a visit ,a like, a comment on blog or on comments should not fall in the category of spamming…we all require support and certainly appreciate other bloggers visiting and genuinely appreciating or leaving suggestions …yes leavings links us debatable…
    I certainly don’t mind someine reaching out and leaving a like or comment..though will prefer comments more…I myself visit blogs and leave likes on other comments..
    Stay blessed 🙏🌹🙏

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