5,000 All-Time Views

🌹Thank you. Much appreciated. 💐

Though we have ideas
And the light bulb daily flickers bright
If we do not
Put pen to paper
Vain, it is.

Though we put
The pen to paper,
Or clickity clackity away
On the good old typewriter,
Or use the notepad
On our phones,
Or voice record
Those ideas,
If you publish it not
It sure is vain.

And though
We publish
Those ideas
All over the social media
And of course the WordPress
If none views it
It is futile.

Thank you sincerely for the views
But please don’t stop there

For though
Some view
The published ideas
If none likes, comments, or follows
It’s as if the ideas never got out
Nor pen to paper
Nor onto the social media.

But the number of views say otherwise

Or maybe you just forgot
To let me know
That you stopped by.

I’m glad you stopped by. Next time
Please remember
to drop me a note
So I can appreciate you for the visit.

Thanks again
for stopping by
to view
Please do a little more
and go beyond viewing
If you will.

Help convert those views
to likes and comments; let’s have a conversation

That’s when those ideas
put to paper and the algorithms
become meaningful.

And maybe some day when you come back you might decide to
Follow if you will.

Love you and thanks for viewing.

7 thoughts on “5,000 All-Time Views

  1. Congrats!!
    Appreciation by others surely boosts morale.
    Loved this – “For though
    Some views
    The published ideas
    If none likes, comments, or follows
    It’s as if the ideas never got out
    Nor pen to paper”


  2. Beautiful expression..
    Thoughts without action don’t hold much meaning …appreciation is a morale booster, a felt need which has to be fulfilled…
    Stay blessed, stay safe🙏🌹.
    Keep blogging🙏🌹🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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