Time for a Poll?

Do you have a ‘ritual’ for Sundays?

Most of us reserve Sundays for various things. This might be different during the pandemic than pre- and post-pandemic. Just a change from the usual post, I want to do a poll to see what we all did differently or similarly. Let’s have some fun participating.

I was having troubles inserting the Poll, but you can select from the list and add as a comment.

Thanks for being a sport!

24 thoughts on “Time for a Poll?

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  2. 👋🏽 hey girl hey 👋🏽

    I get that! He really does get set in a system, but when it’s my day to drive, sometimes I’m like guess where we’re getting groceries from???? The innanet lol


  3. Hey Sista!
    Thanks for being a sport and joining in the poll.
    Lol to “I can’t seem to get my husband to veer …”. I was reluctant to use the delivery, too. My older daughter was like “Mom, but why?” Idk maybe just been old fashioned 😊. Some things never change. So I can relate to that. 😍

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  4. We grocery shop on Sundays and I wash all of the clothes. I can’t seem to get my husband to veer from the grocery shopping thing. Even during the pandemic, he refused to use grocery delivery smh

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  5. Thanks haoyando for participating. I like that you use your Sundays to “arrange your posts for the week.” I wish I could do that too, but the day goes so fast with too many activities lined up for me. 😍


  6. Sounds like a great productive day. I can barely get all things done – trying to decide whether I should chill or chore! Must be the good old age catching up. Still blessed to be living though. I always try to remember my late grandmother’s advice: she said that “the office work never gets done in a day.” It stayed with me since the first day she told me. I transfer it to my house work, too. Thanks for the interaction.

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  7. That’s awesome your daughter enjoyed learning to play the guitar. Yes, the guitar is my favourite. It does take persistence to learn the guitar, but it’s worth it. As any guitarist will tell you, you never stop learning. Some songs I play well, others I play using my own interpretation and then there are others that stay in the too hard basket 😊


  8. Great, SeanKFletcher. Thanks for participating. I agree with you that it could be any on the list. l leave my chores for Saturdays and my Sundays for the rest of the list.
    What instrument do you play?

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  9. Everything except religious ceremonies. I try to see family, donerrands try to relax and sometimes even get the chance to do nothing. Prepandenic I did the same but my husband preferred to run errands and I didn’t mind. Not one little bit 😝

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  10. The reality is it can be any of those things on your list. However, during the last 12 months my focus has changed re Sundays going from chill/relax to family catchup in the morning/lunch and then band practice in the afternoon.

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