Twitter. Twitter. Twitter!!!

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Talking about fake news

Have you being receiving bogus tweets from folks on Twitter? Comment if you have received any in your mailbox or had some popped up on your account.

I have received tons. And I recently just paid attention to them. The other day I deleted 400+ emails received from Twitter.

screenshot of total deleted emails from Twitter … blacked out my personal email/Twitter account

Most of which were sent from bogus/fake accounts. There are only 365 days in the year. To have received 400+ emails in 6 months is horrendous, and in my opinion, a bombardment. The annoying thing again is that the tweets are from fake/bogus Twitter accounts. For example, the above screenshot shows a tweet purportedly from Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ (GSW) point guard. But the tweet was not from Steph’s official account.

Twitter, or whoever is responsible, replicates the accounts of my followers and followings which is only a few and sends the tweets supposedly via those accounts and emails a daily (or more per day) compilation. Ridiculous and whosoever is responsible must be really idle.

The latest tweets (and news) surfing the web is that of Damian Lillard, the indefatigable Portland Trail Blazers (PTB) guard, purportedly requesting a trade from his team. Dame has been with PTB for eight years. I received several tweets on the alleged trade about Dame in talks with GSW and Los Angeles Lakers (LAL), but ignored them. Then my daughter forwarded another to me.

I was glad when Dame eventually debunked the news during an interview while at the Olympics Exhibition Games in Las Vegas. The interview was reported by both the NBA and ESPN.

More bogus tweets received

The above tweets were replicated from the individuals’ official accounts.

But, why the need for replication if I follow them anyways? Does Twitter (or the idle somebody) think that I may not see it? It baffles me.

It’s one of the reasons I left Facebook. I deleted my FB account but recently received an email asking me if I was trying to log back into it! I wasn’t.

Who Polices the Police?

Former President DT was banned for inciting tweets and posts. Fake tweets incites the public, too, as we saw with Dame’s. I bet Dame’s wasn’t the only fake news.

Twitter and Facebook don’t have to engage users this way (or allow such engagements).


Who bans Twitter for sending and spreading those fake news? Or for allowing accounts to be set up for such? Or is Twitter beyond reproof? What actions, if any, can one take to stop it?

And what is the purpose behind sending fake news? To confuse the people is all I can think of.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you received some bogus tweets and/or posts, too?

10 thoughts on “Twitter. Twitter. Twitter!!!

  1. Hey CarolCooks2,
    Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting.
    Yes, surely, more needs to be done. Maybe when we all start complaining to them, Twitter will change.
    For now, I’ll try blocking those spams, too. Don’t know how effective it will be though, but we’ll see. 😍


  2. I get more unsolicited spam from WP than any of my other social media… Instagram comes a close second however I just block and report which seems to work but as a general rule far more needs to be done but doesn’t appear to be..

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  3. I barely use it. I now realize that it’s “full of misinformation.” But why? One would think that Twitter being a monopoly would not stoop to such. 🤔makes me wonder what else is going on internally.
    Thanks for your time reading and commenting, mi Señor.

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  4. Thanks for your comments. You’re right that “checking the email boxes” rarely work; Twitter being the technology company that it is will always find another way. I have unsubscribed from the emails. We’ll see if that helps. Which is one part of the issue.
    The other part is allowing the bogus tweets. If FB can ban DT, surely Twitter can ban the folks tweeting falsely.
    🤔social media in the US self-regulating seems a fallacy. I can see how it can frustrate the other countries. Hopefully, the countries can compel US eventually. Time will tell.
    I appreciate your time.

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  5. No, I haven’t been “twittered” as such. I am rarely on Twitter and my interaction is minimal. It would seem with Twitter, even if you check the various email boxes to reduce receiving mail, if Twitter creates a new email type, those boxes are unchecked and the unwanted emails start again. It looks like you can create an email filter or rules for your email account to help manage the emails, but I am far from an expert on this one.

    I understand the big 4 met in London recently to start developing rules, as it were, to tackle fake news and other issues. In the US, social media is expected to self regulate, which other countries (including where I am from) find this very frustrating and puzzling. As we can see, self regulation is not working.


  6. “Twitter is,by far, the worst social media you can be on,
    close out your twitter account=all will be solved.” _-Van Prince

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