Waking up Africa, the Sleeping Giant


I love this lady, Adeola, for her humorous and satirical manner of sharing news, especially those concerning Nigerian and African leaders. Check her YouTube channel for more.

On this TEDTalk, she’s doing her part to wake up The Sleeping Giant.

We all have a part to play. The role is not only for Nigerians and Africans, but also for friends of Nigeria and Africa, as well as well-meaning people all over the globe. Not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) was coined to mean people looking the other way when issues don’t directly affect them. Everything in life affects us directly or indirectly. Africa’s rise or fall as a continent will affect other continents. It’s a spillover effect that is either positive or negative.

What role will you play to help wake it (the Sleeping Giant) up?

When you see or hear something about Nigeria (or Nigerians) and Africa (or Africans), don’t be quick to condemn, but do your own research to find out the authenticity of the news. There’s a lot of fake news floating around. Too bad no-one listened to DT on this (for other reasons), but beware what you share.

For now, I hope you enjoy Adeola’s video.

4 thoughts on “Waking up Africa, the Sleeping Giant

  1. 😎👍🏾🙏🏾 thanks for your selfless gestures, Sean.

    There are corrupt officials in Nigeria and Africa. There are equally corrupt officials everywhere on the globe. The difference is in the accountability structures in the countries. And it takes two or more to practice corruption. If there’s no buyer, there can’t be any seller, right? Demand and supply. There’s a lot that can be said, but more pathetic when the World Bank, the financial oversights, is a ‘champion’ of corruption. So is UK. And now China. But neither the World Bank, nor any other country, can negatively impact the Nigerian/African leaders without their buy-ins. Nigeria and Africa needs fearless, strong, ethical, and incorruptible leaders to effect the necessary change.

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  2. Adeola is awesome in her TED Talk. My thoughts and perception re Africa are exactly as she states. And she is right to call out China and the World Bank re their respective self interest in trying to secure Africa’s vast resources. We do have Nigerian doctors where I am and I have worked hand in hand with one re providing GP services to local communities and the hospital re one local government where I was the CEO previously 😊

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