Of Sinners and Saints

I had posted similar opposing-titled blogs; Of In-Laws and Outlaws, Of Poverty and Riches, Of Marriages and Divorces, Of God and Satan, Of Fathers and Daughters, and Of Mothers and Sons. All of which were self-inspired by observations and personal experiences.

Today’s post’s title however was inspired by a cake and sweet shop so named. I drove by it and bought a piece of velvet cake. I have tasted several velvet cakes and I love to compare with a personal goal of selecting the best. It’s been hard though as every piece is unique in its taste.

This particular velvet cake had both a sweet and not-so-sweet (not sour or bitter) combination. I’m sure bakers have a term for it. Sorry, I’m not a baker. Anyways, the velvet cake was surprisingly the not-so-sweet, while the creamy topping was the sweet. But the topping also had some sprinkling that balances the sweetness; kind of like a dark chocolate topping on a vanilla icecream. After savoring the cake (I wanted another but had driven far off to turn back!), I experienced the aha moment of the cakery’s (patisserie or bakery) name.

Of Sinners and Saints

Who is a sinner?
You and I.
Cos we are imperfect
And live in an imperfect world.

We are sinners
when we disobey God’s words
when we do the things He disapproves of,
when we love darkness
rather than light,
when we act like Judas
rather than the Good Samaritan.

Now, who is a Saint?
None of us
Though all of us could qualify.

“A saint
Is just a sinner who fell down,
But … couldn’t stay there,
And got up…Donnie McClurkin

You could be a saint
if you live a holy and righteous life, or give generously to others of your time, talent, and treasures

You don’t have to die
to qualify as a saint
As does the Catholics

You, and I, can start
living as saints here on earth

Else we’ll be the sinners who never got back up, and
no-one wants around;

Choose today
which you’ll be,
Sinner or Saint.

Both sinners and saints
never last
either can change,
for the better;
hopefully, not for worse.

In choosing
remember that
One goes to hell
and the other to heaven.

I hope you’ll choose wisely
This day who you’ll become
If you already haven’t.


4 thoughts on “Of Sinners and Saints

  1. Wow. I googled and found The Second Wife. There’s also one in New York. Hopefully I can get to visit some day. Didn’t find the other one though.
    They’re both surely interesting and unique names which might attract more diners.

    Thanks for sharing. That’s how we learn. 👍🏾🙏🏾✌🏾


  2. 😂 for real, my friend? that’s so interesting … where? I get the first one ‘The Second Wife’ but not the second.
    What type of restaurants are they: casual or fine dining?
    Thanks for reading and sharing. 🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A good post! It reminds me of the two things:
    1. There is a chain of restaurants named ‘The Second Wife’; and
    2. One remains saint till caught.

    Liked by 1 person

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