Want to be the next self-made multimillionaire? Follow these 10 tips


Monday Financial Nuggets: 10 Tips for the Next Multi-Millionaire by Grant Cardone

The article is a bit dated, but its contents are still relevant today. I also don’t know much about GC, but the tips sound surefire.

Have a successful week … To your financial success. 😍✌🏾

6 thoughts on “Want to be the next self-made multimillionaire? Follow these 10 tips

  1. You made a great distinction: paper value or worth and cash in bank/hand. Liquid (readily convertible) and illiquid (not easily convertible to cash.) Sure there is a difference.
    Thanks for answering the question. I’m still waiting to make my first liquid million; no wonder it’s been so hard. 😀

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  2. Yes, I agree that the first million is hardest to make or achieve. Then there is the difference between paper value or worth and cash in the bank! Although they can be the same thing for those who have invested wisely.

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  3. Thanks for the book suggestion; 😎 will add to my books to read. Hopefully there’s an audio version – lately, that has been very helpful in maintaining my love of reading.
    I also heard that making the first million is the hardest. Do you agree?
    Thanks for sharing your leadership know-hows. 🙏🏾

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  4. Yes, he seems to be in the ball park. Sometime, take a look at Maverick by Ricardo Semler. He mentions that you don’t need more than $12m to have whatever you want from life. However, that aside, this book is truly transformative in terms of how his democratic leadership style inspired me to implement key changes re the organisations I worked for.

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