Of Money Magnet and Money Repellant

Today’s post is all questions. Answering them, in my opinion, will make you aware, if you are not already, of your thoughts and beliefs. Thanks for participating.

  1. Does money flow to you easily or is money attracted to you and vice versa?
  2. What example(s) do you have of #1?
  3. Do you repel money?
  4. Give an example of an occurrence.
  5. Are you a money magnet or a money repellant?
  6. Are you a good money manager/ess or a good money mismanager/ess?
  7. Now that you are conscious of your money habits, what are you going to do differently?

We’ve all heard the sayings “a magnet attracts and a repellant repels,” especially if you were a science student or had physics class(es) in high school. Also, the phrase “like (energy) attracts like (energy). But is’t true when it comes to money? If true, how does one become a money magnet?

Being a money magnet or repellant depends on your beliefs. But it is not enough to believe, without some corresponding actions backing it up. For example, I believe that when I pray for something, I will get it. But I don’t believe that praying for money without working or doing something for money will cause the money to flow to one.

The money is found in the cultivation of a God-given idea.


When people pray to God to bless them, God answers by giving the person an idea. But most folks still continue to pray and eventually give up concluding that God didn’t answer their prayers. The money is found in the cultivation of a God-given idea.

Anyone who doesn’t allow money to “rest easy” (aka stay in their hands or bank accounts) is a money repellant. As my sista, Kathy E. Garland, stated “A lot of us can generate income, but learning how to invest, instead of spend is a big deal.” That is so true for many. Money repellants make the money but unfortunately, the money comes in one way and goes out the other way. (could be a post for another day.)

Being one or the other could also be hereditary; the repellant more of a pathology that needs to be corrected and/or reversed.

Thanks for participating.


2 thoughts on “Of Money Magnet and Money Repellant

  1. Agreed, when we pray to God He gives us an idea. Unfortunately , most of us fail to capitalise.
    Investment is a tool again many if us do not try to understand and implement. Saving is what we normally do but investment is different.
    Stay blessed always

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