Loving Basketball: 2021 NBA Draft Pick Is Tonight

It’s that time of year again for NBA Teams to pick their Rookies. It’s happening tonight at 8 P.M. ET.


The above NBA link shows each Team’s pick number. Though I have several favorite players, my fave Team, Golden States Warriors, has the #7 First Round Pick. The Season’s Champions, Milwaukee Bucks, don’t get to pick, but they still have the #1 Round Two pick from a previous trade.

This CBS Sports link shows the prospects; a total of 102. An impressive list with at least ten (10) freshmen opting for the NBA. Africa is also ably represented with ten (10).

The Draft Pick is both exciting and emotional. Some are sure picks, but about forty percent (40%) will return home without a Team selection.

It is always interesting to see the final outcome of selections by the Teams. I also like to compare how close the Mock/Analyst selections are to the final outcomes.

I hope you will watch tonight; airing on ABC. Check your local channels for other airings.

ThinkerTalker wishes all prospects the very best.

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