How many daily blogs is too many?

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How many posts do you write in a day? Is there anything such as a rule or framework for the daily number of posts/blogs? What makes bloggers post multitude a day? What is considered a reasonable number? Is the purpose simply because it aids SEO, analytics, etc.? Or is’t just to be seen as busy?

I don’t know. Do you? If you do, please share to inform.

I pondered on these questions when, this past weekend, I received post bombardment from one of my followings. In two days, I had received over two hundred (200) posts; on one day, I got over a hundred (113); all different posts. Another day, I had received fifty-three (53) by 9:00 A.M.! I wondered how many I would have gotten if I hadn’t stopped it? Your guess is as good as (if not better than) mine.

When I tried to reach out to the blogger, thinking that it probably might have been a technical glitch, I could not leave a comment on the website. What then do you do?

I recognize that some of us are busier on the blog than others. For some, it is their full-time business; while a hobby/pastime for others. Being busier (or rather hustling) than most means one would consistently churn out more blogs per day than others. But, how many is really too much?

Granted that there are no formal rules yet concerning blogs, blogging, or bloggers, the primary consideration should be on the readers. Will your reader be happy to receive all those mails in a day? Such bombardment is a turn-off to say the least.

WP community, have you received such posts bombardment? It was my first time being aware of such. What would you do? I hate to unfollow anyone, but such bombardment shows inconsideration for one’s followers who have to read them and whose emails are being clogged as a result. What do you think? Any suggestions for such bloggers who churn out 50 – 100 blogs a day? Please feel free to leave it in the comments.

One suggestion, I have which is really a no-brainer, is to spread those posts out; that is, schedule them to post few (I suggest a max of five) daily and rest.

2 thoughts on “How many daily blogs is too many?

  1. Out of blogging for quite a few months and wow did I miss this community. Yeah, I got to agree with you that sometimes being bombarded with emails daily is just too much, it feels like a spam already so I think your suggestion is quite logical – five is a sound number. 🙂

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