Is this what we’re drinking?

I rarely drink soda (also known as pop or soft drinks). The last time I craved some was over two decades ago when I was pregnant. Surprisingly, I craved some last night. So I included one in my food delivery.

After enjoying my dinner, I reached out for the bottle to open and gobble it down to ‘seal up’ the meal. I froze. The first thing I checked was the sugar content having recently been diagnosed borderline Type 2 diabetes.

I’ve made changes to my food intakes (I don’t diet! lol) and been watching my sugar as well. I love my hot tea and usually drink four to six cups a day, with cream and sugar! That’s however changed to two to three with sugar substitutes.

So, when I saw the sugars in the Sprite, the bottle fell outta my hand. Omg!

Well, some might say, you can have the no-sugar or Diet Sprite instead. True, but think of those who have no medical insurance and who drink the regular Sprite, think of those uninformed (or is’t ignorants, pardon me.) I used to be ignorant in that aspect as well when I used to enjoy endless bottles of Coke or Pepsi (Pepsi was my favorite; sorry Coca Cola). But not any more.

Drinking high-sugar content drinks is not healthy. According to the CDC, “Frequently drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with

  • weight gain/obesity,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • heart disease,
  • kidney diseases,
  • non-alcoholic liver disease,
  • tooth decay and cavities, and
  • gout, a type of arthritis.”
You who are informed, should help those who are not.

Here’s an Harvard article on the nutritional source of sugary drinks.

Is the company, CocaCola, producing what the consumers want or just making products without cognizance to consumers’ long time health?

We can’t stop Coca Cola (or the other companies) from making its (or their) sugary products, but we can inform one another of the apparent or probable health risks.

As the Harvard article states, “concerted action on several levels—from creative food scientists and marketers in the beverage industry, as well as from individual consumers and families, schools and worksites, and state and federal government” is needed to “alleviating the cost and the burden of chronic diseases associated with the obesity and diabetes epidemics in the U.S. and around the world.”

Help do your part and spread the word; just as we need each one of us to spread the need to vaccinate against covid. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Is this what we’re drinking?

  1. I think they are well aware of it but I guess, cash is king since they even came up with these “diet” and “zero sugar” sodas to market on people trying to have “healthier” alternatives.

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  2. Cool. Me too, V. Drank cold soda (Pepsi) like a fish when I was pregnant with my daughters. After that, I couldn’t stand the taste. That craving came outta the blues. Could have fooled me to be pregnant again. But since I couldn’t bring myself to open the bottle, let alone drink after the sugar awareness, I couldn’t be fooled.
    Do the manufacturers not care what they’re giving to the public with its obvious health repercussions?

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  3. 😀 right, Jas. I controlled that craving real fast with a home-made turmeric-ginger-honey drink and blamed myself for wasting the extra couple of dollars buying the soda.
    Thanks for chiming in as always.


  4. Thanks for agreeing with me, Anjali. And more thanks for reading and contributing.
    The number one complication is obesity and that kicks in other complications as the articles stated.
    Coke or Pepsi – it doesn’t matter now, right, since we can’t be gobbling those sugars any more. We agree on the most important one – no to sugar intake. 😍

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  5. I completely agree that sodas are not what we should be drinking more often or be drinking at all. Their sugar intake can lead to many complications now or then. Thank you for sharing this!
    And I love coca-cola more than Pepsi. So I can’t quite agree with you on that one point! 😅

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