Still Wearing My Mask

I’m fully vaccinated, but I live in Florida where only 49.8% of the population can say the same. Good old Florida, where the number of those infected…

Still Wearing My Mask
  1. Let’s do our part. We all need to be vaccinated against covid. It costs you nothing, but could cost you everything if you don’t. Ignorance does kill.
  2. Be fashionably informed – make a fashion statement, and Keep the mask on.

9 thoughts on “Still Wearing My Mask

  1. We can write a book on the topic of “freedom” or on logical and illogical perception of freedom or imprisonments and still not exhaust the topics. Some see the mask as an infringement of sorts. How so, I cannot tell nor know. It’s the price we pay for freedom sometimes. Even when masking becomes mandated going forward, there will be some who are sure to challenge it in court!

    Thanks for your well wishes for my daughter. Though she feels better, she’s still quarantined till she tests negative which is after two weeks! 😍

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  2. I hope your daughter is doing fine! I wish her a speedy recovery. And I am glad that I am getting to hear your side of the story because the Americans I have met, have always expressed happiness and a sense of freedom just by letting go of their mask. I mean, how hard is it to understand that it’s not 100% safe out there.

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  3. Thank you, Anjali, for chiming in.
    I agree with you that it is definitely not “100% safe to go mask-free just yet!” I posted on the topic as well and shared that my adult daughter recently tested positive, yet we’re all fully vaccinated.
    The U.S. impromptious clearance of the mask sounds like a whole political charade; unfortunately people’s lives are involved. We’re now required to wear masks indoors. I’m with Nepal on everyone keeping the mask on.

    I appreciate your contribution to the issue. 😍

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  4. Fully vaccinated and feel beautiful in my mask, thank you! I do not need anti Vader’s trying to remove my mask or convince me it’s not needed. I wanted to get jabbed and I did, and remove yourself from my immediate vicinity as I will wear what I want.

    Keep rockin that mask. It’s the sexiest accessory a person can have!

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  5. In our Country Nepal, even though we are fully vaccinated we are not allowed to be mask-free. It amazes me how the United States has declared that vaccinated people can go mask-free as I have heard that it only reduces the chance, not eliminates it. In our country, even fully vaccinated people are getting Covid and losing their lives so I don’t think it’s 100% safe to go mask-free just yet!

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