Credits: Unsplash / Belinda Fewings

Ideally, you Think before you Talk
But that will make a robot of you
To pause to Think before every Talk
So Think daily so you don’t have to just before you Talk.

Take time to ponder and meditate daily
And let Wisdom breathe on you.

There are those who Talk always
And folks are tired of hearing them Talk
Yet there are those who want to hear them Talk more
The difference is in both what they say
And how they deliver it
When there’s truth and wisdom
Folks never tire of hearing you Talk.

There again are those who rarely Talk
Yet when they open their mouth
to Talk
Folks are all ears

The difference is in both what they say
And how they deliver it
Content and Context
Quality and Quantity. Wisdom not Foolishness. The world has ample of the latter but needs more of the former.

Your Talk is a message
not for everyone
But to just a few or some

Whether you Talk always
Or rarely
People are listening and watching
Let your words be laced
With wisdom
Else you’ll be a sounding cymbal

Don’t just open your mouth
to Talk just to Talk
Everyone wants to Talk and be heard

Credits: Unsplash / Kyle Glenn

Only few listen
Only few Think and Talk

Even a fool when s/he holds her/his tongue
Is considered wise.

It’s totally up to you
Whether you
Think and Talk
Or Think before you Talk
Or Think after you Talk.

Think and Talk always
It’s the best
Though Thinking before Talking
Is better than Thinking after Talking
Yet there’s wisdom in
Thinking after Talking
Cos it makes you
A better person next time
You Talk.

If you ponder daily
You will be among the few
Who Think and Talk
Because wisdom has become
A part of you.

Think and Talk
Today and always. Think-Talk is Wisdom.


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