Never Ever Give Up

Credits: Unsplash / Tony Eight Media

Once upon a time
I was the life of every party
It ain’t a party
If Joy was not at it.

Everyone who was someone
Clamored to be a friend;
Only the friendship were flaky, shallow,
And all about what’s in it for me.

Fast forward several years
And life happened
And my life turned topsy turvy.

Every friend disappeared
They forgot the good old days
Of when I’d take the blouse off my back
And give it to the one who needed it the most;
And the shoes on my feet
Went to the one who needed it more
And I’d empty my pocket
To share among them all.

Even my family no longer called
They now hovered
Around, over
And on to the next member.

They used to call everyday
Now they barely
Remembered my name
Let alone my number.

It was painful
How could people forget so soon. How could they be so vain.

In a world full of millions of people
Yet, I was lonely.

I felt empty inside and out
And had no friends nor family. To stand by me or lean on
Everyone and everything deserted me.

I wept
Till I could weep no more.
The tears have ceased to flow.

“How many bottles have you filled,
With those tears, Lord”
I ask everyday.
Those tears will become
Your precious gem
That I hope to trade up some day.

Then one day I awoke
It was all a nightmare

Life’s too short to waste
I’ve walked alone too long

In a world full of millions of people
Yet I was lonely

Even those who came near
Seemed so far away
None living in the present.

Lord, catch me
I wanna fly over into Your arms
Please wrap me up
Never to let me go.

But He said
“My daughter
I need you down there
Your purpose is yet unfinished
Many are waiting on you. Get back there
And get the job done.”

So, I did

I went for a long walk at the beach one day

And let loose.

My long weave bouncing from left to right slapping on my soft dark cheeks

The golden sands
Warming my un-manicured feet On a hot summer day
When was the last time
I skipped or danced
Or had a smile on my face

I have allowed those smiles
To turn into frowns
To no one in particular
Only to myself and
Age me twenty years over.

I muttered to noone in particular

But to the breeze
that blew so refreshingly
On my cold cheeks

I had stiffened up
And allowed life to tense me.

Your change can come suddenly

Out of the blues
A real human
Said “hello, my name is Amazing.”

None had said hello to me in years
Though I smile at everyone
They just stared at me
With curled-up lips.

I turned around
And with the biggest smile ever
I replied, “ hi, my name is Joy.
I’m the child of the Most High God.”

Wow, I’m the child of Grace; Amazing Grace, that’s my full name.

Mind if I join you on your walk?

Though inward I felt like saying ‘No.’
Finally, someone noticed me
And actually said, ‘hello.’
And wants to walk with me.

Amazing Grace was waiting on her other friends
They were having a beach party just because

Amazing Grace had arrived earlier than all

The friends trickled in
One after the other

She introduced me to each one

Rich and Wealth live just down the road
And were married to Peace and Joyful

Patience was the glue of the party
She coordinated and checked
Off the friends list
Everyone was present
Except Wisdom

They were getting worried
They called him the ol Sage

Shortly after
Wisdom texted the group

I stopped by a friend who’s visiting from outta town. Okay to invite him, too?
You’ll all love him

They both arrived within ten minutes
Wisdom and Miracles were the most gorgeous guys I’d ever seen
Both standing over six feet tall would take the breath outta any lady

Miracles stared hard at me;
I blushed
Through my dark skin
You could see all the pink.

The oddity was interrupted
By Love, Hope, and Faith.
Who were laughing their hearts out as they joined the group.

Now all the friends had arrived
They invited me to their party
I already felt like I belong.

I married Miracles
Within the year
The group has become
My family
They are friends indeed

My life has never been the same again!

The rest is now
Herstory (my story).

It was a do-over.
That only He could have done;
May you have
A life do-over
The kind you dream of;
Allow Him
To do it His way.
If all the people
Had stayed
I would have been
Too busy with them
And would never have met
My new family.

Everyone needs these friends

Amazing Grace, Rich & Peace, Wealth & Joyful, Patience, Wisdom,
Miracles, Love, Hope, and Faith.

Having them in your life makes life worth living.

Can you think of other such friends everyone need in their lives? Write them in the Comments. May God add them to your life and mine.

Never give up

The past week was hectic but I’m glad that it’s over now – mission accomplished! I’m choosing to relax/rest a bit this week, and gradually get back to work.

Did someone ask why my personal week was hectic? Thanks for caring 😊

I moved; moved from one region to another – like from north to south (or is’t west to east?) Pardon me, I am not the brightest as far as geography or navigation is concerned. I’m one of those who always rely on the navigator irrespective of the numerous times I’d driven or gone anywhere.

Anyways, moving is a work! You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the period. But moving also grant you the opportunity to donate your excesses to Goodwill or the Red Cross or any other organization that needs your items or even to family members. But, once settled down, we begin to accumulate again.

Credits: Oxford Dictionary

I really don’t like the term “empty nester.” But since my children have left home, it was an opportunity to relocate. But having lived in one locality so long, it was not an easy decision choosing a new location. What if you buy a home and you don’t like the new area? The thought gave me sleepless nights. I decided to test out the area by renting first to familiarize myself with the new region and locality.

I dedicated couple of weeks driving around a few neighborhoods. I finally chose one. Then the search began. What appeared fun and promising at first seemed to turn to futility after the first month with not securing a place. There was always something off with the places we looked at. Then I found “the perfect one!” I was excited as I completed and submitted all paperworks. Then the agent who was helping took a couple of days off. I got a phone call from another lady from the office who stated that none of my documents were received. I resent them, but all hopes were dashed as she kept asking for more “unnecessary” docs! To shorten the story, I eventually had to tell them that I was no longer interested. That was in September.

I continued the search but found nothing comparable to the one I had initially chosen. Then I took a break from searching.

I returned to the place again after Thanksgiving to see if it was still available. I was surprised that it was and I re-applied, Surprisingly, this time around, the process was fast and completed within three days! Not only that, the rent was lower than the first time and they had a special which they didn’t have then.

The morale of sharing this is to remind us all never to give up – if at first you do not succeed, try again! Often what appears to be a denial could be a divine delay or a timing issue where God has better things in stock. May this season bring you the greatest stocks ever.