Monday Financial Nuggets: Munroe’s Kingdom Solution to Financial Problems

Credits: Unseen Histories / Unsplash

It’s a Martin Luther King Day in the USA 🇺🇸. Happy MLK Day to all. If you don’t know who MLK is, please seize the day to research, read and learn about the significance and contributions of the man and civil rights leader. Thank you.

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I’m sharing one of Myles Munroe’s plethora of financial principles. I hope it blesses you as it had blessed, and continues to bless, me. Watch the animated video here and the full version here.

One of the keys to living financially free … one of the secrets God talks about when He says that “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven …”. One of the principles/keys is The Principle of Management.

Principles of Management is the most absent component in churches … that’s why most churches are suffering, broke, or attracting broke people. And that is why most of the people in churches in the city are financially embarrassed – they quote scriptures but don’t experience those scriptures.

In the above scripture, we read that

  • God created
  • God withdrew rain
  • He withdrew rain and nothing grew
  • He refused anything to grow

Why did God withdrew rain?

  • Because He had no manager
  • He withdrew rain because there was no man to till the ground; to add value to what He was about to create.

What is Management?

Management is defined as the
effective, efficient, and correct and timely use of another person’s property and resources for the purpose for which they were delegated with a view to producing the expected added value back to the person. (That’s a mouthful!)

Management automatically implies that you don’t own the material.

Management also implies that when you bring it back, it’s supposed to be better; that is, have more value.

God is upset at lazy people. (Father, forgive me/us and revive us again!)

Management and Prayer

God will never give you what you pray for 🤔; only what you can manage. For example,

  1. you’re praying for a $1,000 but couldn’t pay $10 tithe on the $100 He gave you yesterday
  2. you’re praying for a big house and you cannot manage the apartment that you’re presently renting – you keep it dirty
  3. you pray for a bigger church and God says that you cannot manage the church you’re renting
  4. you pray for souls but can’t manage the people you got now – God protects them (the souls/people) from you!

If you get the million dollars you’re praying for, it will kill you! 🤕

You cannot manage $500; you spend $200 on a dress, $150 on your hair and put $20 (or nothing) in the offering; and ask God for a million dollars?! Is God stupid or what?!! (God forbid!)

God wants you to be an economist. To economize means to get the maximum out of the minimum.

We need to know (or appreciate) the value of what we already have. You have the audacity to tell God that you are broke and unemployed, yet in your house, there’s an oven that’s only used twice a week – that’s abuse and bad management. You have an oven that you only used one day a week. You can at least get some flour, water, and raisins; bake some cookies, put them in a plastic bag and make yourself a factory out of your own kitchen. That’s Management – get the most out of the least.

p.s. please check with your City and State, especially in the U.S., before using your residential oven for commercial purposes. Most have regulations governing this.

Again, you got clothes in your closet that you don’t wear and they’ve been there for ten years and you’ve put on too much weight, they’ll never fit you again; and you’re saying that you ain’t got money?!

To economize means to add value to your gift.

Put another way, answered prayer is regulated by your capacity to manage. God will never give you what you pray for 🤔. He regulates His answer by what you could manage …. money is easy to get; money is supposed to come to you, but it it keeps moving away from you, it’s telling you something – YOU CAN’T MANAGE.

Father God please teach me/us how to do better by managing the resources that You’ve given us.