Read this Wall Street Journal story about families dying of covid. Hope it inspires you to ensure that your family and friends are vaccinated.

It’s a sad-story outcomes of unvaccinated folks.

Don’t be a victim. Love your family, friends, or neighbors, encourage them to vaccinate.

Since the Herrings died, Ms. Parish has felt judgment from friends and acquaintances asking why her parents weren’t vaccinated—why she didn’t make them get vaccinated.

The vaccine ignorance is real. Help educate those closest to you.

Your Covid vaccine does not grant you perpetual immunity, but …!

Will covid ever be a thing of the past for us? Or is’t going to become like flu where we have to have the shot every year? I cannot wait till that day when we can heavily sigh “thank goodness it’s over!”

My precious daughter unfortunately just tested positive though she’s been fully vaccinated. She was the one that was zealous about everyone doing their part especially during the fatal widespread of covid last year. She was very concerned about us and made sure that we were all aware of everything, sending us CDC and hospital links, warnings about stocking up during those critical months, and doing our part to be protected and more. It saddens me that she tested positive. But, I’m nonetheless glad that she was fully vaccinated before testing positive.

Her symptoms are minor. Thank goodness. She’s really fine, compared to what I’ve heard of others; apart from her foods tasting bland, having to isolate for ten days from the date of contact (which is really hard to tell) or date of first symptom, and not being able to hug her. Her symptoms are still extremely milder than pre-vaccine folks we’ve read about.

Why are people resistant to the covid vaccine

Covid has been a terror from hell, but thank goodness that we have the vaccines. But we still need unvaccinated folks everywhere to get vaccinated. Really, it’s free? Do they know that it is – FREE?! I wonder what excuse(s) people have for not vaccinating.

As of today, 90 million Americans have not vaccinated. That’s over a quarter (27%) of the U.S. 329 million population. In my opinion, still a large number for such a fatal issue.

“According to experts, there are a variety of reasons:

  1. lack of access to vaccines,
  2. a refusal to see Covid-19 as a threat,
  3. concern about the vaccines’ side effects,
  4. little trust in the vaccines or the institutions behind them, and
  5. belief in at least one of several different conspiracy theories.”

Read more of these reasons here.

President Biden has, as an incentive, offered to grant $100 to newly-vaccinated folks. My fury take is “what else do they want?”

I’ve also heard that rideshare companies are donating free rides to help get folks to vaccine.

Companies and organizations should also do their best to mandate their employees to vaccinate. This is ongoing, but needs to intensify.

Better vaccinate than not

As we’ve all been hearing, being fully vaccinated does not provide you with perpetual immunity. But, it might prevent you from having the serious implications and hospitalization.

Even when the Government announced maskless, I still wore mine realizing that there were still folks out and about who have refused vaccination, and even during the critical months, to wear mask and or get vaccinated. Though the exemption was for vaccine-less people to still wear the mask, I knew that most vaccinated-less will join the vaccinated and not wear masks still! There’s no knowing of who had been vaccinated or not, so it was better for me to keep my mask on and still continue the sanitization/washing hands.

I hope you still wear your masks, too, both in- and outdoors to prevent yourself.

Everyone should vaccinate. Help spread the word.