Californians, go vote on the Recall

Tomorrow, September 14, is the deadline to cast your vote for the California gubernatorial recall. Booths are open and you can mail it in if you prefer.

To be or not depends on you. Please let your vote and voice count and be heard.

I voted as soon as the booths first opened on September 4th because I wanted to ensure that nothing unusual happens to my vote. Yes, it became a phobia because of prior voting nuances, rumors, and or atrocities; call it whatever you’d like. Just my way of ensuring that my vote was personally and directly registered or delivered if you please.

My Stance

If you already don’t know, my stance is No on the Recall. My take is that the incumbent hasn’t been given a fair chance, given covid-19, to prove himself. The issues levied against him for the Recall are weak considering that he inherited several of the issues. As I previously blogged, Covid-19 threw everyone a rough curve and many are still yet to find their balances; the Governor and State of California included.

Homelessness, unemployment, high housing and gas costs have sadly become trademarks for living in California, just as living in any high or fast-paced large city. I think it’s all politicking. Gavin Newsom’s competencies as a Governor have not been fairly evaluated to warrant a Recall considering that he became Governor of California in January, 2019; smack at the onset of covid.

What’s more, according to ABC News post, “State officials estimate it will cost California’s 58 counties $215 million total to run a special recall election.” My previous blog stated $276 million. Either amount ($215 or $276 million) is huge sums of money. Using that money will definitely cure homelessness and some change to tackle another issue! I wonder why we allowed it in the first place. I suppose it’s another nuance of freedom.

Please vote

Without further ado, Californians please go vote. Whether a No or Yes, we all still have to pay the price in subsequent fees and taxes to defray the special recall election costs. My prayer is that the Recall fails. But should it pass, I can guarantee you that the next CA Governor has no answer to the rising homelessness, homes, gas, nor unemployment.

Time for a Dream

Permit me to dream a little for a time when there will be collaboration and teamwork between any incumbent Governor (or President) and the opposing Party for working together for a better America. I mean really work together to mitigate, or eradicate, issues of concern to the citizens. This becomes a synergistic and altruistic, rather than, self-grandiose, act. Not just in America, but across the globe where democracy is practiced. That will be the day. Till then, get out and vote or stay in and mail your vote.

D-Day is Tomorrow!

The United States of America’s Election Day is finally here and it’s tomorrow. If you still haven’t voted, please make sure you get out early as lines are reported to be very long.

This is an unprecedented election unlike any other for various reasons. Each person’s reason differs one to the other. But, we all agree that this year’s election is different.

The difference can also be seen in the number of pre-election-day voting that has already taken place. Click here to read more.

Get out and vote or mail it in postmarked by November 3rd!

Trillion of things have been said; we’ve heard the Presidential debates and more, are aware of the unrests and chaos that stemmed from the racial divide, …

. . .

I finally received my ballot papers and mailed them back, over the weekend! Yippee!!

But, I am still “angst about the outcome for some weird, but understandable reasons. Weird in the sense that I have never ever being angst about Presidential elections. Why now?

Understandably in the sense that we know that these are critical times in the history of our nation, America. As such it is eagerly awaited and everything is being done to ensure that folks get out to vote.” (ThinkTalk, September 2020). I hope you have voted, or are getting ready to vote, and certainly will vote in person or by mail. Remember, D-Day is tomorrow!

Please join me in praying that all will go smoothly now, during, and after, and that peace will reign.

. . .

For your information, I had to call my County’s Election Office to ascertain why my information was missing from the Secretary of State’s website. The lady pleasantly explained to me that it was because I used a physical Post Office address. A real home address was also required. Since I supplied both, my ballot papers were mailed and received. I was glad that I took the initiative to call at the time that I did, which was in time before the deadline, rather than waiting endlessly for ballot papers that will never show up. And no-one had the courtesy to let me know!

Regarding the Bills and Propositions on the Ballot

There are 115 measures on the November 3 ballot, twelve (12) of which are for California.

Do you know what propositions are on the November 3rd ballot for your State? Find out by clicking your State here. It is an interactive U.S. map. Select the Year 2020-2029 from the Table, then select the Year 2020. You might need to scroll down to read the detailed information.

Final Note

By now, you already know who you’re voting for. If not, you have one more day to do your research.

Regarding the propositions, do not merely listen to the paid-ads, but research and critically think through every point; ask if it makes sense or not.

The semantics used on the Ballot regarding the Propositions can be confusing such that one tends to agree with it rather than voting it down. Remember that most of the bills were initiated and sponsored by those who wanted it passed. So, be diligent in your reading and understanding of each measure.

Remember that whatever you do, do it totally with your heart knowing that you have done your best in exercising your civic duty and rights.

I pray for God’s outcome in the Election tomorrow.

110 days from today …

What are you going to do?

Whatever you do, do it totally with your heart knowing that you have read, watched, and studied, all that needs to be digested. That, above all, you have studied “to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”
‭‭(2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15-16‬)

Whatever you do 110 days from today, please seriously refrain from groupthink or bandwagon effect of joining the acts or desires of the populace.

Finally, whatever you do, stop, pray, and ponder to ask yourself, will I be able to live with myself after this or will I regret having acted contrary to the truth and my heart.

I say pray because often not all that appears good are of God. I repeat, everything that looks, feel, and or sound good are not of God. Few are obvious to the naked eye, but many are discreet that will fool even the very elect (Matthew 24:24b). Be not one of those who think that God can be mocked for whatsoever we sow, we shall reap (Galatians 6:7-8).

. . .

The frailty of humanity is that we focus on the negatives of the past and of one another and sadly forget the good of both the past and one another. Psychologists confirm that this is how our brains are hardwired and term it negativity bias. Click the links below to read more on the term:

. . .

In 110 days from today, I implore you to focus on merits rather than the negatives and VOTE with your heart for the Truth.

You have ample time to research and digest each candidate and, of course, each proposition.. Start today so that 110 days from today, you will know what to do and will do that which you ought to have done.

. . .

America is presently in a dire state. But there’s hope still for by His mercies, America shall not be consumed because great is His faithfulness! (Lanentations 3:22-24)

Let your voice be heard; exercise your civic right and let your vote count. No excuses. You can Vote by mail. Check out information on how to now and be ready to vote 110 days from today.