Ladies, Never Pursue a Man!

Don’t shoot me, please. Yes, I’m not your Mama, but as a mother of two inwardly-beautiful young ladies (to God’s Glory), I’m also concerned as this man, R.C. Blakes, is. I just found and watched his video, totally resonate with all he says, and I believe it’s apropos to share.

Though it’s addressed to all ladies who exhibit the character, I specifically would advise all young ladies to watch it.

In Gottfried’s word and world, I might be trying to control the world. (smile). But in my world, we are all responsible for cultivating the land for habitation. If you believe that “it takes the village to raise the child,” you would agree.

God has given each one of us an area (or piece) of land here on earth to cultivate. As such what I am interested in and passionate about will differ from yours, but we might have a group of individuals so assigned to the same land.

Yes, I know we live in a culture of extreme freedom (everything is free-for-all, or so we think.). But, hey, No! Else, why have laws. For example, being free to drive does not compel me to drive at age 10 or 12. Neither does it compel me to drive and crash into other people or their cars on the freeway. If I choose to, I should be ready to face the consequences, right; the consequences of which might include financial compensation or suspension of the driving license. So freedom is not totally free but limited to some extent.

What does that have to do with the video and/or ladies? Well, watch the video to find out.

It’s disheartening to listen and/or watch young ladies act “desperate for love.” There are several reasons this might occur.

Reasons why ladies might

The first that comes to mind is what I first heard in the charismatic (Pentecostal) churches termed “daddy issues.” This term indicates that a lady is suffering from (or exhibiting behaviors as a result of) the lack of a father in their lives. The father might be present in the house, but sadly only as a figurehead and one who is distant and does not interact with his daughters on a father-daughter level. So the daughter grows up looking for love in all the wrong places, suffers hurt and rejection in her relationships as a result of not having being taught or learned from the man (dad) in her life, goes from one guy to the other, and eventually starts wondering why or that something(s) are wrong with her life.

Whether the term is right, true, or not, the symptoms sure shows that some thing(s) might be psychologically amiss.

Another reason, not unconnected with the first, is that the lady may have low self esteem or an esteem not rightly developed to the level it ought to have.

Yet another reason is that some young ladies, despite all the training and economics given at home, they grow up (or want to grow up) too fast and discard them to follow the “fast-tracklifestyle. They misconstrue a guy wanting to have sex with them as loving them and/or think that by saying yes to every sex, the guy will love them more or keep coming back. Each scenario is a fantasy and leads to heartaches by the third-to-fifth sex or guy!

Some ladies just want a man at all cost.

Some have a boyfriend but don’t know how to sustain the relationship and thus loses the boy/guy.

Another common reason is ladies watch how their friends have boyfriends, are dating, and/or changing boyfriends one after the other yet they don’t have one. FOMO (fear of missing out) seeps in and they resort to chasing guys instead of continuing to wait to be asked out.

Final thoughts

The video also provide examples of how to go about attracting a guy who’s interested in the lady.

Call me old fashioned, I still believe that the man ought to search the lady out. How about you and why? Leave your answer in the Comments if you please.

My greatest heart desire (prayer) is that every young lady desiring love will surely be found out by their true love. It is when we get it out of order that we fall into the wrong relationship.

10 thoughts on “Ladies, Never Pursue a Man!

  1. Thanks again Marlapaige for your time sharing your opinion.
    You’re right that any term, and our opinions of it, is and can be subjective. We are entitled to our interpretation of those terms.
    I do agree though that “whether you are male or female, is that you value yourself.”
    It helps to watch the video to fully understand the points being stated. Sorry you can’t.
    Thanks for stopping by. ✌🏾

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  2. I think everybody defines “aggressive” pursuit a little differently. One may say it’s aggressive for a woman to make eye contact with a man. Another one may think it’s aggressive for a woman to walk up to the guy she likes, hit him up for a number and tell him she thinks he’s hot and wants to go out with him.

    By most standards, my grandmother was aggressive when she forced my grandfather to walk her home from high-school and then demanded he come to dinner at her parents house that weekend, and then told him they were getting married after she graduated. Maybe she was. But they lived happily ever after.

    If yuo want something, male or female, go get it. And if your actions devalue you to someone else, they weren’t worth your time anyway. There’s someone who will value you just as you are. The only thing that matters, whether you are male or female, is that yuo value yourself.

    And no, I can’t watch videos as I do not have sound on my computer at work or at home

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  3. Noted Marlapaige. Thanks for your candid comment. Did you watch the video? The point is not to “sit by the phone waiting” but to be dignified enough not to be the one aggressively pursuing the man. It leads to the lady’s devaluation in the eyes of the man. 😎✌🏾


  4. Women are just as able as men to decide who is worthy of our affection. As a female I would never sit by the phone waiting for “the one” to find my number in the phone book. If I like someone I’ll tell them. If they don’t like me back, then they weren’t the one. It’s not about needing a man, it’s about loving yourself enough to know that you don’t have to chase anyone. You let them know you’re interested and they can accept or decline. But if they decline, you certainly don’t wait around until they figure out what G-d’s plan is for them. You move on and find G-d’s plan for you.

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